Pokémon Go Electrify the Sky quest steps and Air Adventures field research tasks

Air Adventures celebrates not just flying-type Pokémon, but the release of Mega Latias and Mega Latios into Pokémon Go.

If you’re planning on conducting these legendary Mega Evolutions, then we recommend visiting our Mega Evolutions guide since this feature has recently been reworked.

Throughout Air Adventures, you can find event-exclusive field research tasks and complete Electrify the Sky - a timed research quest.

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‘Electrify the Sky’ quest steps in Pokémon Go

Electrify the Sky is a timed research quest which is only available during the Air Adventures event in Pokémon. This means you have until Sunday, 8th May at 8pm (local time) to complete the quest and earn its rewards.

Thankfully Electrify the Sky is very short, so you should have no trouble completing it.

Below you’ll find all of the Electrify the Sky challenges and rewards, but keep in mind that this section does contain spoilers!

‘Electrify the Sky’ Step 1 of 1

Rewards: 3000 XP and a Flying Pikachu encounter

Air Adventures field research tasks in Pokémon Go

You can currently collect field research tasks exclusive to the Air Adventures event in Pokémon Go by spinning PokéStops. These tasks can be saved in your field research collection and completed after the event ends if you so wish.

Here are the Air Adventures field research tasks:

Thank you to SilphScience from reddit for the help with this information.

Doduo, Swablu and Emolga can all be found via Air Adventures field research tasks.

New to the game is a long overdue Mega Evolution update, which has arrived alongside the A Mega Moment research. May 2022 in Pokémon Go started with the Air Adventures event and the release of Mega Latias and Mega Latios. Elsewhere, we've recently seen the release of more Gen 7 Pokémon as part of the Season of Alola. The first details surrounding Go Fest 2022 have also been annouced, including the event date.

Everything else we know about the Air Adventures event in Pokémon

The Air Adventures event in Pokémon Go runs until Sunday, 8th May at 8pm (local time) and, throughout this time, any egg placed in an incubator will have its hatch distance halved.

Air Adventures also continues celebrating the Mega Evolution rework with the release of Mega Latias and Mega Latios. These are the first legendary Mega Evolutions to appear in Pokémon Go, so it’s a good idea to know both Mega Latias’ weaknesses and Mega Latios’ weaknesses before battling them.

Mega Latias and Mega Latios.

If you do successfully capture either Latias or Latios, maybe even both, during Air Adventures, then you’ll discover they know a move exclusive to this event. Below you’ll find said exclusive moves, along with how powerful each one is in trainer battles, gyms and raids:

Latias - Mist Ball (Psychic Charged Attack)

Latios - Luster Purge (Psychic Charged Attack)

Alongside these new Mega Pokémon, you can also battle Charizard, Lapras and Togekiss in three-star raids.

Air Adventures also sees a welcome return to Flying Pikachu - one of Pikachu’s many different costumes. Flying Pikachu can be caught through a variety of means during the event, including appearing in the wild alongside the following Pokémon:

Doduo, Wingull and Drifloon are among the Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild.

Finally, any 7km egg collected during Air Adventures will have the following egg pool:

Tier One

Have fun during the Air Adventures event!

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